New Blog!

18 Dec

Hey Ya’ll! I’ve made a new blog! Check it out here at ->!!! I plan to updated it at least once a week πŸ™‚


no {pumpkin} guts no glory

17 Oct

Yesterday was Sunday. It was one of those days where when the breeze blows it brings familiarity,Β comfort, warm thoughts of fall and the idea of carving pumpkins. What other time of the year do you get to carve a face into a giant vegetable to celebrate the season? This was our day to do it, Josh and I decided. Here are a few photos that were documented by my mom, Sally.

And so it begins!


Gettin’ those guts out!

Drawing out the eyes

Shaping up!

Creating my happy pumpkin man.

The finished product!

Pumpkin Heads.

Omie checking out the pumpkins!


Josh’s Cajun Pumkin

My unintentional “loose tooth” pumpkin….with a slug on his face….

Are you carving pumpkins yet? If so what kind of faces did you make?

This is the perfect time of year to grab some pumpkins with your loved ones and carve some silly faces to bring a bit of whimsy to your front porch or wherever you enjoy your Happy Jacks!


Vandin {NC Infant Portrait Photography-Little Tuna Studios}

22 Sep

This morning I woke up to my Jack Russle, Omie in my face and my mom hopping on my bed. This, you would think seems normal for a person like me, but in fact it is not. My mom, an avid early-morning-go-getter-kayak-woman, was eagerly informing me of the glorious sunrise and slick water perfect for kayaking…I gave in. It was quite beautiful to say the least. Far away crab boats floated across the sound as the water and sky almost seemed to collide only separated by a strike of chrysanthemum yellow light.

Today I write to you listening to Andrew Peterson (one of my new favorite artist) and editing adorable baby photos!! Baby? You say. Yes, little tuna not only photographs kids, teens and families but also little, adorable, bundles of cuteness. And I have to tell you, this little bundle is one of the cutest I’ve seen! (Other than MY baby pictures πŸ˜‰

Steve and Barbara, the grandparents of this little man, are an absolutely wonderful couple. Full of joy and life, just like their grandson, Vandin. And Steve just happens to be the pastor of the church I have been attending since I was 6 years old, Open Door! Here is a little morsel of Vandin for you to “awww” over, cause I know you’re gunna!

Giggling sleeping boy!

Little Toes!

Pouty face πŸ™‚

Precious little heart shaped ear!

I love this one!!


He loves chewing on those fists. πŸ™‚

How you doin’?

Smiling at his grandpa.

A moment with his grandma πŸ™‚

I loved making these photos. It was so much fun making silly noises and baby talk with Barbara and Steve!

Hope these photos warmed your heart. Enjoy your day πŸ™‚


Mason {Children’s Portrait Photography-Little Tuna Studios}

14 Sep

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to photograph my neighbor’s granddaughter, Mason. This little girl is so full of life which I’m pretty positive you can tell through these photographs. She loves clothes, making jewelry and most of all her grandparents, “B” and “DD” and they love her even more! I absolutely love this family and they are the best neighbors to have not just because Brandon is the owner of Kernel B’s Kettle CornΒ (YUM) but they are so friendly, generous and encouraging! Displayed below are photos from her grandparent’s oasis in North Carolina.

She is just a little ray of sunshine isn’t she?!

Most awesome hammock ever!

Mason is a free spirit.


She really wanted some photos with her butterfly crown she got at a pirate festival at the beach and she looks fabulous in it!

Cute little profile

Adorable smile!

My favorite!

Equally as cute!

Laughing at “B” who was talking about food!

We had so much fun taking photos around the house and especially on the dock with such a beautiful sound view. Unfortunately half of Brandon’s dock was swept up by Irene’s rage and there is no longer any access to this part of the dock until it is rebuilt, which Brandon is smart enough to wait till after the Hurricane season. The last two photos were outtakes from our fun photo session, when Mason let out her silly side! πŸ™‚

Sweet North Carolina Summer

16 Jul

I just finished a wonderful book called The Girl Who Chased the Moon and it inspired me to write today. The writer is Sarah Addison Allen and I look forward to reading her 3 other novels. The book that I read takes place in a small town in North Carolina flooded with smells of barbecue and sumptuously sweet cakes. While I read, I sat on the couch on my front porch facing the glimmering blue sound. There has been the most unusual cool breeze floating around, perfect for reading, but incredibly unusual for a North Carolina summer.

Anyway, this book reminded me of how sweet a southern summertime is. The way you feel when your with your family watching the big bright moon glide along the night’s sky reflecting onto the water.

Something simple I suppose is why I fall in love with this time of year. I love being close to my family and friends again. Being in this town makes me feel more than content.

Maybe it’s the baseball games…..

Or watching the boys bringing in the catch of the day. (Dolphin)

Giggling as Omie hops over the waves that rush towards him

Chowing down on local sweet corn

And making beautiful and tasty key lime cupcakes

Nothing is better than that.

I bought the book, The Girl That Chased the Moon at Island Bookstore in Kitty Hawk. You should go check it out! And while your there go to The Good Life Gourmet right next door for lunch. They have the best ham and swiss panini with mayo, spinach and fresh tomatoes and their sweet tea makes a perfect southern beverage to wash it down with. πŸ™‚

I hope ya’ll are having a wonderful summer, and I hope you are thinking about me to create some summer memories of your family, high school senior or child. Feel free to send me an e-mail anytime ( if you are interested and we can talk about when we can get together soon! I look forward to hearing from you!



Babies and full tummies.

16 Jun

Today Karin and I delivered some photos to a family photographed a birthday party for. In fact, you have already met this family since I have already blogged about them. To see their family photos go here ->Β

Anyway, at the end of May, Karin and I were asked to photograph Michael and Mia’s first birthday. It was a great party with close friends and family and some super awesome cake! Look below to see a few photos from the celebration.

The beautiful Mickey cake!

Adorable gifts!

Guests in the living room.

Michael saying hello.

Baby clothes!

What is better than face paint?

Spiderman, perhaps?

Tasty ribs!

“Jack Sparrow” and his aunt making silly faces!

Michael getting some love.

Lovely Mia!

The moms.

Karin in action!

Colorful cupcakes.

Michael getting sleepy!

Mia worn out!

Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos just as much as we liked being there! Like I was saying, today we delivered the photos to the family and was greeted at the door by 3 out of the 4 kids. We really enjoyed getting to know them and I enjoyed holding Mia today, even though she practically ate my necklace, shirt buttons and my finger, but that’s ok…she is adorable.

After our visit, we headed over to enjoy a good meal at Olive Garden where we ended up stuffing ourselves till we couldn’t breathe! Ok, well maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but we both carried out to-go boxes, looking forward to an italian-o lunch-o tomorrow! Haha, see what I just did? Clever, right? Ok, stop laughing at me!

9 more days till sunny NC ❀

The Look on her face…

14 Jun

June 4th was the day. The day my final portfolio at Hallmark Institute of Photography was accepted. Wondering what the look was like on my face when I heard that it was accepted? Well, your wish has been granted!

You have no idea how relieved I was! I could hardly breathe when I walked up on stage, but I when I heard those magic words, I couldn’t help but be a little giddy. The judges gave me incredible advice! Today I went to my friend Karin’s review today and she….passed! I learned a lot from just listening to what the judges had to say about other students work. Tomorrow Karin and I will be delivering some photos to a family we photographed last month. I have been working all night on editing other people’s photos as well. So if you are waiting, don’t worry I am working hard to get everything done as soon as possible!

11 more days till I see this view again πŸ™‚